high tide

/ˈˌhī ˈtīd/


"the state of the tide when at its highest level."

"As a trainer, my goal is to propel my clients to their highest potential; to be an advocate for their goals and ambitions; to motivate them to reach their highest level. My purpose as your trainer, is to help you achieve your High Tide." -Katharine, Owner

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What We Do

At High Tide Fitness, LLC, we are passionate about helping women reach their fitness and wellness goals. Our clients range from pre/postnatal moms,  to busy entrepreneurs, brides-to-be, and the retired traveler. In person or virtually, we design a program that targets your goals while tailored to your fitness level. 

In Person Training

In Person Training, perfect for those in the Frederick MD area who want in person motivation and workout sessions

Corporate Nutrition Consultations

Provide information to companies looking to invest in their employees health and wellbeing.

Nutrition Coaching by a Certified Nutrition Coach

Nutrional Guidance to Reach & Maintain Your Health & Fitness Goals

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